Jean Twenge delivering a seminar  
academic talks

Companies today face the challenge of managing four very different generations, including a new crop of young people who some have argued are the most misunderstood and challenging group in recent memory.

At iGen Consulting, we have the data you need to understand generational differences in the workplace. Dr. Twenge’s corporate talks include a discussion of how managers can use their generational know-how to recruit, retain, and guide members of all generations. For example, performance reviews can be structured differently for the typical member of each generation.

With our help, you’ll also be able to design programs to recruit and retain young talent based on extensive survey data collected across time – so you’ll know which strategies have always attracted young people and which might be changed for this new group. For example, research suggests that flextime might be an especially effective strategy for recruiting the young workers of GenY/Millennials, but that volunteering and community service programs will be no more effective than they were 15 or 30 years ago – contrary to popular belief.

Presentations range from a 20-minute briefing to a 60-minute keynote with up to 30 minutes for Q&A and discussion. Half-day workshops allow more in-depth discussion of generational issues. Telephone, e-mail, or Skype consultations on specific topics relevant for your business (e.g., marketing, recruiting talent) are also offered.

Dr. Twenge has spoken at several large corporations including PepsiCo, McGraw-Hill, nGenera, Nielsen Media, and Bain Consulting, and to organizations such as the Western Association of Chamber Executives, the New Jersey Human Resource Planning Group, and the Human Resource Leadership Forum.

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